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Miss Janet

Today we are going to stray away from the Panhandle Shipwreck Trail and talk about the Miss Janet. This is one of my favorite dives. She was sunk in 1997 as part of the artificial reef program. She sits in about 100 ft. of water. It is 70 ft. to the top deck. This wreck is mostly in tac. She is 11 miles off the southeast Destin pass and sits upright. There is a variety of sea life that calls her home. Amberjack, Stingrays, and Cobia frequent the site. There is also an abundance of Lionfish. So, if you like to spear fish, this is the wreck for you. This is an advanced dive so sharpen your skills and I’ll sea you there. Sorry no location on this one. You will have to come and see us and we will be happy to guide you on a tour.

Gulf Wreck


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