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Spring Into Diving

We dive locally at a couple of Springs in our area. The best part of diving the springs is the water temperature. It stays a constant 68 degrees F. The visibility varies depending on the weather. When the weather is nice we get "Gin" clear water. But when it is storming and raining, the water can go from low to no visibility. Check out the two springs we dive.

Morrison Spring

Vortex Spring
Diving the Emerald Coast
One of the best part of living here on the Emerald Coast is the incredible diving we have in the Gulf of Mexico. There is everything from natural reefs to some fantastic artificial reefs. The water temperature varies from the high 80's F in the summer months to the middle to low 60's in the winter. We have some awesome marine life encounters here as well. You'll never know when a dolphin, manatee or even a whale shark might show up on your dive. So come join us for some diving you'll never forget!
Who We Are
  • We are the only full service dive center in the Fort Walton Beach area and we have experienced  instructors to teach you scuba, some with over 30 years scuba experience  We believe in a family atmosphere, each of our divers becomes a member of our diving family. We believe in quality scuba training, equipment and service.

Contact Info
  • Fort Walton Beach Scuba
  • 850-716-0867
  • 425 Page Bacon Road
    Mary Esther, FL 32569
  • Hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
    Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm
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