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Store Owner: Gary Wyant
Gary started his adult life serving in the Military. His love of the ocean brought him to scuba diving and he has been a certified diver for nearly 30 years. He has a vast experience in scuba diving by dropping on dive sites all over the United States to include west coast deep water lakes, Florida fresh water springs, Gulf of Mexico, and the list continues. He is an experienced PADI certified Instructor and  his attitude towards safety will make your experience one of the safest and most fun you can have in the water!  

Gary is also Founder and President of Bright Horizons Diving, Inc., a non-profit corporation for special needs individuals and is one of a handful of people in the entire world to hold a PADI adaptive dive techniques specialty. He was on the PADI review board for the development of the Adaptive Dive Techniques Specialty certification and he is a Redaptive Dive instructor through RAID for certification of the adaptive dive students and their buddies.  Gary specifically created the Bright Horizons Diving program which is designed to introduce the underwater world and change the lives of people with disabilities who want to take the plunge. 

PADI Certifications
Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Emergency First Response Instructor
Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
Adaptive Techniques Specialties Instructor
Underwater Photographer Instructor
Underwater Navigator Instructor
Enriched Air Instructor  (Nitrox)
Deep Diver Instructor
Boat Diver Instructor
Ocean Reef Integrated Mask Instructor
Wreck Dive instructor
Night Dive Instructor

RAID Instructor
Open Water 20
RAID Adaptive Open water 20
RAID Advanced open water
RAID Re-daptive Dive Buddy Course

Our Instructors

PADI Course Director: Gene Battaglia
Hometown: From San Francisco, CA, now living in the Panhandle of Florida!
Favorite Food: Fresh Seafood, BBQ, or Italian
Favorite Local Hangout: With living in Florida, any dive boat heading for a dive site!
Favorite Dive Site: The Philippine Islands!
Favorite Type of Diving: Have been working on taking more underwater video
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: I would have to say, San Francisco Maru in Truk Lagoon!
If You Could Dive Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be? Since Wrecks tickle my fancy, I would say, anywhere there is a wreck!
Anything Else You Would Like to Add? As divers, we are the Oceans Ambassadors. As such, it is our duty to inform those who do not dive, as to what is happening to our oceans. To quote someone famous: “People will only love what they understand!” We need to ensure people understand what is happening to our oceans and what they can do to make them healthier.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer: Joshua Modglin
Hometown: La Ceiba, Honduras
Favorite food: Gnocchi
Favorite Local Hangout: The Dive Shop!
Favorite Dive Site: Blue Channel, Roatan Bay Islands Honduras
Why Do You Dive? To see the real world
Favorite Type of Diving: Tech, twin/side mount reef exploration dives
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: Blue Channel Roatan
Why Do You Teach New Divers? To inspire a new generation (kids) of divers and dive engineers
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? Nothing Now!

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor: Cooper Bowden
Hometown:  Ft Lewis, Tacoma, WA (Or the USA anyway, Military Brat)
Favorite Food: SEE_food!
Favorite Local Hangout:  Wherever food, and dive buddies, friends, family are;
Favorite Dive Site: One I haven’t been to! (Repetition becomes boring)
Favorite Type of Diving: High Viz Diving (Like to see things)
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On:  Isle of Margarita, Venezuela
If You Could Dive Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be?  Australia, or any coast line/reef
Anything Else You Would Like to Add?  I do enjoy helping others, whether educating, or working emergencies, or conducting public safety diving…Just like being underwater using my gills…Let’s Dive!

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor: Brian Dennis
Hometown: Lexington, MA

Favorite food: Tacos!
Favorite Local Hangout: Harbor Tavern, Destin FL
Favorite Dive Site: Sharks Cove, Oahu HI
Why Do You Dive? To explore the beautiful and tranquil ocean depths
Favorite Type of Diving: Wreck Diving
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: 3 tank Drift dive on Oahu’s southeastern coast
Why Do You Teach New Divers? I love introducing new divers into the hobby and helping them become better divers
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? Nothing Now
Our Divemasters

PADI Divemaster Chris Parke
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Favorite Food: Surf & Turf, Lobster + Ribeye
Favorite Local Hangout: GI Jades
Favorite Dive Site: Any and all of them!
Favorite Type of Diving: I love to explore the under water eco system. It’s like being in a never ending huge aquarium
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: The Gulf wrecks!
If You Could Dive Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be?
Anything Else You Would Like to Add? I have always been in a fast paced work and life environment. It’s always been go,go,go. When I dive, it’s like time is suspended. It’s the most calm, and relaxed I’ve ever felt. It’s the most peaceful place on earth, blowing bubbles. I teach divers so hopefully I can train them so they can learn to explore the world below that I love so much. Pass it on!

PADI Divemaster Joe Gonzalez
Hometown: Ponce Puerto Rico
Favorite food: Pho, Greek and Puerto Rican food

Favorite Local Hangout: Okaloosa Island, Miracle Strip
Favorite Dive Site: Underwater Museum Grayton Beach
Why Do You Dive? I enjoy the relaxing and alien nature of diving; I also enjoy the weightlessness of diving. Diving allows you to explore a world that is not natural to humans.
Favorite Type of Diving: Shallow reef diving, deep wreck/reef diving.
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: Epcot Aquariums in central Florida. Every native Florida fish was on display, and it was the biggest aquarium in the united stated before Atlanta was opened. Being on display yourself was a lot of fun, you could interact with the guests through the glass of the aquarium. I will never forget the face on the children when giving them fist bumps through the glass.
Why Do You Teach New Divers? Sharing something that I am passionate about has always been a driving factor in my life. Seeing new divers become more confident and enjoying the underwater world brings me a lot of joy. Some of the best people I have met in my life have been through diving. You will make lifelong friends that you can count on in and out of the water. Finally having people see the underwater world will make them more empathetic for the underwater environment and they will be more inclined to take care of the underwater ecosystem.
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? You can count on myself or anyone of our staff to take care of you while in the water. This store characterizes itself with having a lot of patience and empathy. Gary literally wrote the book on adaptive diving, anything you might have trouble with or any physical disability we will do our best to help you have a great and enjoyable dive. Diving is something that everyone should experience once, with our staff you will have nothing to worry about. I am also fluent in Spanish if that makes you more comfortable. Lets go diving!!!

Divemaster Matt Beauregard
Hometown: Detroit
Favorite food: Deep Dish Pizza
Favorite Local Hangout: Fort Walton Yacht Club
Favorite Dive Site:  Any new dive site with great visibility.
Why Do You Dive? I get to go places and see things most of the population doesn’t.
Favorite Type of Diving: Wreck
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Why Do You Teach New Divers? To help them experience the world of diving.
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? Diving can be taught at any stage of life.

Divemaster Patrick McGlynn
Hometown: Miami, FL

Favorite food: Hot Chicken Wings
Favorite Local Hangout: Fort Walton Brewery
Favorite Dive Site: Hilma Hooker (Bonaire)
Why Do You Dive? Because I love it… there is so much out there, always something new, every dive is a unique experience.
Favorite Type of Diving: Drift diving, all the sights, less work!
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: Neal Watson’s shark safari in Bimini

Why Do You Teach New Divers? I’d like to help spread the awareness of ocean conservation efforts & help maintain a safe and enjoyable dive community
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? I love diving and will always be excited to experience new things underwater, but I became a dive master, because I find I get the most enjoyment when the experience is shared with others. With that said, I’m beyond excited to help broaden people’s horizons and help you become a safe and skilled diver!


Who We Are
  • We are the only full service dive center in the Fort Walton Beach area and we have experienced  instructors to teach you scuba, some with over 30 years scuba experience  We believe in a family atmosphere, each of our divers becomes a member of our diving family. We believe in quality scuba training, equipment and service.

Contact Info
  • Fort Walton Beach Scuba
  • 850-716-0867
  • 425 Page Bacon Road
    Mary Esther, FL 32569
  • Hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
    Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm
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